Tax Valuation Inc.

A partnership contract has been signed with Tax Valuation Inc (TVI) for appraiser services for all Nebraska counties.

MIPS and TVI will be working to provide ways for counties to obtain appraisal expertise for all areas of mass appraisal. As with all MIPS products, the impetus behind this partnership is to bring more efficiency to counties in this time of budget constraints. TVI and MIPS will be working on solutions that will assist in all facets of the tax valuation process.

By working together, the staffs of TVI and MIPS will be creating options for all 93 counties that have never existed before. We believe this partnership will evolve into a model that will save counties time and money for their mass appraisal needs.

Many ideas have already been discussed on how to help all 93 counties with the mass appraisal and tax valuation process. Many more will be rolled out in the future.

This partnership takes effect immediately and will provide Nebraska counties an opportunity to obtain needed appraisal expertise. MIPS Inc and Tax Valuation Inc are Nebraska corporations.

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