MIPS is continuing to make this PC configuration available to the Nebraska counties. As part of NACO, our goal with this PC purchase program is to make quality PCs available to counties at great prices.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (402) 434-5685.

Joe Power
Operations Manager

The PC being offered in this group purchase is the  Precision T3420 SFF

The delivered price depends on which option you choose.  This is the newest technology and therefore the price is a little higher. The price moves around a little so an exact price can be obtained at the time of ordering. Price did increase when we upgraded the disk,  processor, monitor, sound bar, and added Adobe Acrobat Standard DC.

Includes a 3-year onsite warranty for the PC and 3-year advanced exchange warranty on the monitor.

Our configurations now include:

  • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

  • 8 GB of RAM

  • Dell 24" Professional monitor

  • Full copy of Adobe Acrobat DC!

  • MS Office 2016 Home and Business

  • Dell Sound Bar for Monitor

Some highlights include:

  • 6th Gen Intel Core I5-6600 Processor (Quad Core, 3.39GHz Turbo)
  • 8 GB 2133 DDR4 RAM
  • 24" P2317H Pro Digital Flat Panel
  • (2) x 1TB Hard Drive
    (2 Hard Drives in Mirrored Array)  or a High Performance 256GB Solid State Drive depending on option selected.
  • Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
  • Full Copy of Adobe Acrobat Standard DC
  • 2016 Office Home and Business
  • Optical Mouse
  • 8X DVD Burner
  • Soundbar Speakers
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • 3 Yr Onsite Warranty
  • 10/100/1000 NIC
  • (2) Display Ports
  • (1) HDMI Port
  • (6) USB 2.0 Ports
  • (6) USB 3.0 Ports!

Besides having a great PC, it is also important to have a robust backup solution.  We recommend the disaster recovery capability offered by ShadowProtect backup software.  It may not be the cheapest backup software on the market, but we feel it is the best.


What office is this order for?


Who is the computer(s) to be billed to?


Number of Dell PCs to order (pricing is estimated by previous orders).
      --All PC configurations have been upgraded to 8GB of RAM--
      Review the detailed configuration specs in the pane to the left.

Opt #1 Our Standard Dual Drive Setup (8GB RAM): $1,345.16
Opt #2 Replaced Dual Drives with a Solid State Drive: $1,391.24
Opt #3 Same as option #2 but without Adobe Acrobat: $1,310.55
Dell Micro PC with custom stand and 24" Pro Monitor: $856.38
Additional 24" Dell Pro Monitor: $205

Dell Micro PC Features include:

  • OptiPlex 3050 Micro Computer
  • Custom Micro Stand
  • 24" Professional Monitor
  • i5-7500T Processor
  • Winodws 10 Pro
  • 4GB RAM
  • 500GB Hard Drive 
  • Intel Dual Band Wireless AC3165
  • Mouse / Keyboard
  • 3-Year onsite warranty

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Compact1 Compact 2

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These PCs do not come with antivirus software.  Some counties connect their PCs to their county servers that already have antivirus software.  The server then downloads the antivirus software to the PC.  I did not want to raise the price of the configuration for something that may not be used.

After your order has been placed, you will be contacted via email with your invoice attached.   Payments are no longer remitted to Dell for orders placed through MIPS.  Payments are now to be sent directly to MIPS.  Thank you.

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